Title IX is a federal law that provides protections and accommodations for pregnant and parenting students. This information is critical for ensuring the pregnant and parenting students receive appropriate support in your school community despite the challenges of pregnancy and parenting. Title IX can change– and SAVE– lives!

It is strongly encouraged that you know this information and advertise it on campus.

Most schools abide by this law; some schools do not or have exemptions. If your school is public, you are good to go! But if you attend a military or private school, you will need to check this list of exempt schools. Contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator or the Pregnant on Campus Director for additional support or questions regarding Title IX.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Train your group. Contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator for a Title IX training. That way, your group will be fully prepared to answer questions from your peers.
    1. This training is approximately 45 minutes in duration, and it should be scheduled at least a week in advance through your SFLA Regional Coordinator or Pregnant on Campus Director.
  2. Decide on your method. A Title IX “True or False” event can be designed several ways depending on how your group wishes to engage your peers. You can:
    1. Table with an easel pad or display board.
    2. Host a Pregnant on Campus event with a “True or False” as a part of your activities.
    3. Create a poster demonstration with each group member holding a different “True or False” statements.
    4. Create flyers to post around campus, or cards to pass out.
  3. Pick your “True or False” facts and prepare the answers. 
  4. Print your handouts. These will help answer additional questions students may have. We have several handouts linked on our Students Rights page, found here: www.PregnantOnCampus.org/Students-Rights
  5. Bribes? Add cookies, candy, or other goodies as incentives for students to ask questions or participate in your event.
    1. Example: Each student gets a free cookie for every right answer!
  6. Set up and run your event. Whether you are tabling, flyering, or hosting a larger event, make sure that you sign up enough volunteers to run the event, including set up and break down. All students should be trained and prepared to answer questions.
    1. Contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator for Pregnant on Campus topic cards or other free SFLA tabling resources.

Recommended True or False Statements

If your school abides by Title IX, you can discuss these scenarios for your “True or False” event:

  • Title IX protects pregnant and parenting students.
    • TRUE! If your school receives federal funding, your administration, professors, and staff cannot discriminate against pregnant and parenting students, and they must provide accommodations for certain related challenges. Exempt schools must submit a request and receive approval through the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Pregnant and parenting students may not be eligible to participate in some classroom or school programs because of their pregnancy or parenting status.
    • FALSE. Pregnant and parenting students must be allowed equal opportunities to participate in educational opportunities provided through your Title IX abiding school. They cannot be discriminated against for reason of pregnancy or parenting status.
  • Schools must provide pregnant students with any special services that they provide to students with temporary disabilities.
    • TRUE. If your school offers academic support and accommodations for other students, than these must be allowed for pregnant students who need classroom assistance (due to pregnancy-related conditions, see examples here) or who need assistance keeping up with classes (especially during pregnancy-related absences like childbirth). Examples may include: at home tutoring, in class note takers, transfer to an online class program, etc.
  • Pregnant students are a liability on campus. You have to move out of your dorm during the 2nd or 3rd trimester.
    • FALSE. Pregnant students are allowed to remain in their housing throughout their pregnancy. They may be asked to transition to family friendly housing after the baby is born. We encourage pregnant students to work with Residence Life or Housing to ensure a smooth transition.
  • A professor can give a pregnant student a zero for class work missed during her child birth and recovery.
    • FALSE. The professor must allow her to make up the work within a reasonable period of time. She is excused (regardless of school or classroom policies) during doctor deemed, necessary pregnancy-related absences.
  • A pregnant athlete must give up her scholarship if she becomes pregnant.
    • FALSE. If she chooses to remain on the team, a pregnant athlete cannot have their scholarship reduced or terminated. She cannot be kicked off the team for reason of pregnancy, and she may compete for as long as she (and her doctor) feel comfortable. She may take a special red shirt season. She must be offered reinstatement to her position or team status when she returns to the active roster.
  • A pregnant student is scheduled for an exam. She goes into labor on the day of the exam. She has to complete the exam while in the hospital and turn in it in on time.
    • FALSE. Childbirth and recovery is a doctor deemed, necessary pregnancy-related absence. She is excused from class! She will be allowed time for recovery, and she should work with her professor to find a time to make up any missed assignments and exams.
  • A pregnant student has hyperemesis gravidarum. Her nausea is so severe that she is prone to vomiting and even hospitalization. If her doctor says that she must be on bed rest, she will be exempt from classroom participation, regardless of school/classroom policy.
    • TRUE. Pregnant students are allowed doctor deemed, necessary pregnancy-related absences. This may include absences for bedrest, child birth, recovery from childbirth, etc. She may be required to submit a doctor’s note only if this is required of other students on medical leave.
  • A pregnant student misses class because she had a doctor excused absence. The professor gave out extra points for an in class extra assignment. The professor then has to give her a similar opportunity for extra points.
    • TRUE. The pregnant student must be provided with opportunities to achieve extra credit points if those opportunities were offered to her class. The professor may adjust the assignment to accommodate the student’s situation. For example, if the student cannot physically complete an in class assignment or lab, they can create an at home or online submission alternative.
  • A student is in an honors program. She becomes pregnant and decides to remain in the program. The department must allow her to keep her scholarship.
    • TRUE. If the pregnant student remains in the program and continues to meet all other academic requirements, the school cannot reduce or terminate her scholarship.
  • Your teacher may prevent you from leaving the classroom to breastfeed or breast pump.
    • FALSE. If you must, your teacher or professor must excuse you to breastfeed or breast pump. This is a medically necessary absence. While it is ideal to schedule your lactation breaks around your class schedule, if it is an emergency, you are excused.

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