2017 West Coast Pregnant on Campus Group of the Year

Located in the “Late-Term Abortion Capital” of the country, University of New Mexico students are daily faced with a community that supports and even encourages abortion. And yet, despite the challenges of this environment, Students for Life UNM have persisted and thrived in their efforts to bring life-affirming, empowering options and resources to women on their campus. The group’s Pregnant on Campus Initiative has been welcomed by the student community and departments on campus, and has repeatedly captured the local media’s attention over the past 3 years.

This past year, Students for Life UNM has hosted numerous events to support pregnant and parenting students, including:

  • Valentine’s Day, Share the Love: Passing out as many as 75 roses, pregnancy tests, and PRC information packets
  • Mother’s Day “Chari-Tea”: A classy tea party for women and mothers to raise money for their local PRC
  • Pregnant and Parenting Student Support Night: A discussion panel to address pregnant and parenting student issues
  • Give Back Christmas: Encouraging UNM students to donate to local organizations that support the community

This group has been instrumental in helping students choose life and complete their degrees. They helped save 2 babies on campus and at least 10 babies in the local community. They even worked with a local university to help a new student mom graduate a month early, and further celebrated her by hosting a baby shower!

Last but not least, Students for Life UNM is responsible for introducing and passing 5 Student Government resolutions, including:

  1. Diaper changing stations: To be installed in every building in both genders’ bathrooms
  2. Mom-to-be Parking: For moms in their 3rd trimester
  3. Parental Leave for New Student Parents: For both mom and dad!
  4. Family Friendly” Student Study Lounge
  5. Equal Access to Options: Adding life-affirming resources to their school website

This group is an incredible testament to the compassionate and effective outreach of the Pregnant on Campus Initiative. We are proud to honor UNM Students for Life as our 2017 Pregnant on Campus Group of the Year!


This post was contributed by Beth Rahal, Pregnant on Campus Director. To get your student group involved in our Initiative, please contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator.


RA Kits- Real Answers for RAs

Resident AdvisorResident advisors are leaders, role models, and friends. Throughout the semester, RAs are available to guide their fellow classmates through the whole college experience– the good, the bad, and the ugly. A big part of this job is knowing answers and resources that are going to solve their peers’ dilemmas. Sometimes, the questions are simple: How do I deal with my sloppy roommate? Where is the science building? How do I do my laundry?!? These dilemmas can be resolved with ease. However, there will be times when the questions are hard, and the answers won’t come so quickly.

RAs are under a lot of pressure to provide support and advice to their residents.Even with hours of training, finding the right answers and resources may be hard when faced with a challenging dilemma. Let’s lend a helping hand to your RAs!

Resident Advisor Kits will be a huge help for your RAs! These RA Kits will help RAs provide real answers to students faced with an unplanned pregnancy, coping with an abortion, or parenting in college. Here’s what your group needs to do to assemble RA Kits for your campus.

Make your own Resident Advisor Kit

For your Kit, you will need collect the following materials. You can easily organize the materials in a folder or 3-ring binder.

  1. Write an RA Kit Letter that explains the Kit and its resources.
  2. Include your pro-life group’s contact information and provide a list of available resources (e.g. peer-to-peer support, campus resource guide, pregnancy resource center referral, babysitting services, scholarships, etc).
  3. Print a selection of the pregnant and parenting students’ rights documents:
  4. Download and print the RA Guide for Crisis Pregnancies.
  5. Download and print the Pregnant on Campus Resident Advisor programs to your Kit. Edit these RA Programs to customize them to your unique campus. Add facts about your school and local resources. Create group activities that play off of campus traditions. Don’t forget to include information about your student group!
  6. Print  outreach flyers for your RA to post around their dorm. Samples can be found here.
  7. Add materials from your local pregnancy resources center(s), adoption agencies, post-abortive healing programs, parent support groups, etc.
    • Business Cards
    • Brochures
    • Flyers
    • Pregnancy Tests
  8. Add educational materials to offer answers to questions on abortion, adoption, pregnancy, and parenting. Recommended materials are listed here. Order materials from their respective organizations, or contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator or by contacting the Pregnant on Campus Coordinator.

Customize Your Kit

Your pro-life group’s RA Kit is unique to your campus. Make sure that you include your group materials– such as a group business card or flyer– to identify this Kit as your work. Here are other ways that you can customize your Kit:

  • Add your group’s Pregnant and Parenting Resource Guide. This guide will provide RAs with the information that they need to direct students to pregnancy and parenting resources.
  • Create a quick, easy brochure with contact information for your health office, your pro-life student group, and local pregnancy resource centers. Include a step-by-step guide for who to contact in cases of pregnancy options, abortion recovery, or parenting needs. Remember to list pregnantoncampus.org as a resources.
  • Include a list of local pro-life doctors. Find pro-life doctors here.


Questions? Contact Pregnant on Campus Coordinator, Beth Rahal.