Identify Your Resources

Determining what resources are available at your school and locally should be the first priority of your student group. As a group, decide what resource project (listed below) you are prepared to take on and how you want to compile, distribute, and advertise your resource handout.

Researching this information is not hard! Here is how you complete this project:

  • Split the work between 2-3 members of your groups.
  • Set deadlines for completing sections of information.
  • Assign 1 member to compile all the information into your desired handout (e.g. brochure, checklist, resource guide).
  • Do a final review of the completed project before distributing it on campus.
  • Print and distribute a copy to each member of your group.
  • Brainstorm persons (e.g. Resident Advisors, administrators) and offices (e.g. Campus Ministry, Women’s Center, Health Office) that you want to distribute your resource handout to.
  • Assign members to go to these persons and offices to pitch your Pregnant on Campus Initiative (or Building a Better Future program) and to place your resource handout with that person or office.
  • Review and update your resource handout annually.

Put Your Research to Work

From this research, you can then advertise what resources are available. Get creative! You can break down your Resource Guide into flyers or category specific handouts. You can create a poster demonstration featuring each available resource. You can go big, and coordinate a school-wide resources discussion panel to get your community together to determine what’s missing and what you all can accomplish together.

Review your resource handout, and identify what resources your campus and community does not have or could improve and expand. As a group, decide on the top 1-3 resources that should take priority. You may choose to advocate for specific items in your school community (like diaper decks, lactation rooms, family housing), or take an approach focused on campus awareness, school policies, etc.

If those are “too big,” start small and direct. Distribute your handout (or guide) to all school offices. Advocate for life-affirming resources to be listed on your school website. Host a tabling display featuring campus and local resources. There are plenty of simple things you can do to inform your campus of life-affirming pregnancy and parenting support!

If you need help advancing a big project idea, contact our Pregnant on Campus Director and your SFLA Regional Coordinator to make a plan to successfully propose and advance your project.

Tools for Identifying Resources

Resources Checklist

You want to find out your college campus resources, but you are not ready to complete the customizable Resource Guide (listed below). We have a simpler tool for you! You can use our Pregnant on Campus Resources Checklist to guide your group through identifying resources and assessing your relationships with campus and community contacts. This Checklist should allow you to then set goals for identifying and developing resources and for networking with campus and local contacts.

customizable-resource-guide-2016Resource Guide for Pregnant & Parenting Students

Within this Resource Guide, you will find information and resources for a wide variety of resource categories that will assist pregnant and parenting students. You are encouraged to customize this Resource Guide so that it will best serve your campus and community. Highlighted lines throughout the Guide will explain what to add to each section. As you fill in the highlighted sections, remove the highlighting. If a section does not apply to your campus, you can include a statement such as, “As of DATE, this resource is currently unavailable at NAME OF SCHOOL.”

For questions or assistance completing this project, please contact our Pregnant on Campus Director, Camille Cisneros.

High School Resource List

Are you a leader of a high school student group?! We recognize that completing the customizable Resource Guide may feel like an overwhelming task. Start small! Use our Building a Better Future “To Do” List to identify your basic resources and brainstorm projects for your student group. If you need tips to create a more comprehensive resource handout, contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator. You can also review our National Resources page for ideas!


Please note: As a life-affirminorganization, we do not and will not refer students to abortion providers (e.g. Planned Parenthood). We encourage your student group to find alternative resources in your community (such as federally qualified health centers). Contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator if you need suggestions for alternative resources in your community.


Your Next Step: Promoting Resources on Campus


Below is a preview of the Customizable Resource Guide. Please use the link above to download a Word Doc editable file, or contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator.