How can we better support students - PonC

Students for Life of America is now offering 12 Pregnant on Campus trainings — FOR FREE — to affiliated student groups. If your group is interested in participating in our Initiative or already participating, please contact your Regional Coordinator for a Pregnant on Campus training. As of December 2016, the trainings available to your group are:

  • Pregnant on Campus (Introduction): Review the Pregnant on Campus Initiative, its mission, and its application on campus. Discuss scenarios, pertinent research, available Pregnant on Campus resources, and ways to get involved.
  • Building a Better Future (Introduction): Review the Building a Better Future programs, its mission, and its application on high school campuses. Discuss scenarios, pertinent research, available Building a Better Future resources, and ways to get involved.
  • Plan Your Year (Fall): Creating a consistent and persistent Fall schedule of activities to meet short-term and long-term campus goals; Outlining recommended activities, events, and strategies month-by-month.
  • PonC Applied: Vision, Goals, and Effective Strategies: Create a thoughtful, strategic plan for your campus and achieving your long-term vision and goals. Training includes a challenge to determine your vision, explanation of how to set SMART Pregnant on Campus goals, and a step-by-step review of 5 sample goals and ways to achieve them. (Very hands on and practical! Especially for new groups or those struggling to plan and set goals.)
  • Title IX : Understanding pregnancy and parenting rights and accommodations and how to best advocate for students experiencing discrimination or challenges; Includes information regarding scholarships, housing, classroom policies, and special circumstances (i.e. study abroad, scientific studies, and athletics).
  • Helping Her : How to work one-on-one with a pregnant or parenting student to identify her needs, support her, and hopefully develop a relationship.



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