Amanda shares her experience choosing adoption for her son. Why did she choose adoption? What are her hopes for her son? What would she say to her son’s adoptive parents? Amanda’s story may help you or a friend consider this loving option.


As an adopted daughter, Lisa loved her parents, but as she grew older, she had questions about her birth parents. Why did they place her for adoption? What were they like? Did she get some of her quirky traits from them? Lisa shares her experience meeting her birth parents and learning more about her family history.

Molly Anne

Molly Anne is not your average homecoming queen. Certainly, she displays the beauty and personality of her new title, but it is her story that sets her apart. 22 years ago, Molly Anne’s birthmother was faced with a grave decision- abort your child or get a divorce. Molly Anne’s birthmother was married at the time; however, she had been the victim of a sexual assault. Rather than abort her child, she courageously traveled from California to Alabama, where she then placed Molly Anne for adoption… Read more here


My name is Riley, and I am 19 years old. I am the birth mother of two beautiful children whom I have chosen to place for adoption… Read more here


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