Social media is an easy way to reach your peers with information. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, group websites, and personal blogs can all be used to share these graphics. Click on the images to see the full graphic. Download, upload to your social media, and share! Don’t forget to like and follow our social media platforms:

Here are some quick tips for Social Media Activism. For a more in depth guide to social media activism, see this page.

  • Change your profile picture to a pro-life graphic for a couple days or even for the whole month.
  • Share these images with your friends and family by posting on their Facebook walls, tweeting on Twitter, or sharing on your Instagram account.
  • Add action phrases such as LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, and RETWEET to your posts so that more people will engage with your post and hopefully share them with others.
  • Add hashtags – such as #PregnantonCampus #LoveThemBoth #WomenDeserveBetter #prolife #prowoman #pregnancy (and more!) – to increase views.

Learn more tips here: Advertise on Social Media

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