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To view local and national resources for pregnant and parenting students, please return to the main page. You can search your school’s resource page or the national resources page to find resources to meet the needs of your peers. If you have more resources to add, submit your resources at “Submit Campus Info.”

My School isn’t Listed!

If your school is not listed, go to “Submit Campus Info.” We will add a unique resources page for your campus! If you have completed a Resource Guide for Pregnant and Parenting Students (or you have a similar resource), please email this to our Pregnant on Campus Coordinator.

I Need Help!

If you need individual help and support, we encourage you to review the resources listed on the National Resources page and on your campus page (if listed). You may also” contact us with specific questions. We are happy to assist you in finding the resources that you need.

I Need Information

In order to better understand your pregnancy and to make healthy decisions for you and your baby, we encourage you to review our informational pages on the following topics. We’ve also added informational for student-related subjects. All links can be found on our “More Information” page.

Legal Rights

Federal and state legislation sets certain requirements for schools in order to ensure that pregnant and parenting students are being appropriately accommodated. At public universities, these standards are mandated by law and must be adhered to. You can help pregnant and parenting students by assuring that your school facilities, procedures, and administration are following these state and federal mandates. Our legal rights resources page can be found here:

I am a Pregnant Athlete

Student-athletes may continue participating in their sport as a pregnant and/or parenting student, or apply for a red shirt season (if pregnant). “Student-athletes cannot be discriminated against in the event of their pregnancy, childbirth, conditions related to pregnancy, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy or recovery there from, or parental or marital status; and they must be offered reinstatement to the same position after pregnancy as they held before the onset of pregnancy.”

Recommended Blogs

Take a moment to read the stories of real men and women who have pregnant and parenting stories to share. Their struggles and triumphs may be some that you recognize in your own life as well– or they could be a comfort to a friend!

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