PonC- You are not alone- Young Woman in Field

Listed below are some bloggers that blog about early motherhood. Some of these moms were pregnant teens now in college; others became pregnant in college or in their early 20s. These women offer fabulous tips on parenting, budgeting, having a career, finishing your education and staying sane. Check them out!

Tiny Blue Lines

Blogger: Chaunie Brusie

Tiny Blue Lines is my journey from an unplanned pregnancy to loving life as the mother of two girls, writer, part-time labor and delivery nurse, and advocate for young mothers. Most importantly though, I want your help to answer the #1 question of motherhood: How in the world can I go to the bathroom by myself??

Action Ashlee

Blogger: Ashlee Bush

Action Ashlee is an online movement and community to help women in their 20s or 30s facing an unplanned pregnancy or other life changes.

Are you aware that nearly half of all pregnancies are unplanned and happen to women age 20-29? Are you pregnant?  Or are you facing some other difficult change in your life right now?

Whatever you are facing, chances are, you’re scared.  In fact, I’d venture to say you’re scared shitless and that’s how you’ve stumbled across this blog.  Five years ago when I found out that I was pregnant, I was like you, I searched online to find out what other 20-somethings felt and how they stayed on track with their own personal goals, while giving life to their baby.

Young Mommy Blog

Blogger: Tara Pringle Jefferson

The Young Mommy Life was created in 2008 to make young moms more visible and give us a place where we feel like we belong. It’s a real look at motherhood through the eyes of a 26-year-old mommy of two and her countless young mommy blog friends. Sit back and enjoy.

Early Mama

Blogger: Michelle Horton

Having a baby at 22 is different than 32, which is different than 42. Earlymama.com is the premier source of inspiration, advice and encouragement for moms who decided to start their families at a young age – unexpectedly or planned. Because 20-something moms are often the first of their friends to have a baby, forced to navigate the world of baby products and lifestyle changes alone, Early Mama is the experienced friend you need. Whether you’re looking for style inspiration, budget-friendly tips or reassurance that everything will, in fact, work out – connect with a community that knows the unique challenges and experiences of young motherhood.

Snap Mom

Blogger: Whitney J, Krystle K

Welcome to the Snap Mom! Whitney J and Krystle K invite you into their “crunchy” world, where getting more out of life can be easier than you think! These women share the stories and secrets of moms, wives, friends, daughters, and creative do-it-yourself-ers. If you like natural living and real mom advice, this is the place for you.