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Medical technology has significantly advanced to allow for life-affirming techniques that can address women’s health issues without compromising the safety of your baby. NaPro Technology provides safe healthcare that will help directly health your health issue without harming your baby. This technology can also provide effective assessment and treatment of other reproductive health issues. (See list below.)

NaPro Technology is practiced by providers around the country. Ask your doctor if she/he provides “NaPro Technology.” Contact a provider to learn more:

Ask a medical consultant for advice:

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Issues that can be treated by NaPro Technology (include but not limited to):

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Notify Your Doctor

You should always consult your doctor or medical provider if you are experiencing pain, bleeding, severe nausea, or other concerning, odd, and/or debilitating symptoms. It is better to ask and address the issue, than to wait and assume that it will sort itself out. Your doctor wants to help you and heal you.