Are you still wondering why you are involved in pregnancy resources and outreach? Have you forgotten who you are serving? Do you need to be reminded why this work is so important? These stories are for you.

We know that it can be difficult sometimes to push forward pregnant and parenting outreach projects on campus. You may be challenged and questioned. There may be obstacles that stand in the way of your projects. It may take time, effort, and persistence to get a simple project underway. Don’t give up! Your efforts are literally transforming your campus. Your outreach is helping your peers find the support and the resources that they need. You are changing hearts and saving lives!

Read one of these amazing stories from our students. These stories will remind you who you are doing this work for. Also, read one of the blogs about our successful pregnancy resource student groups! There are many groups who are standing up for women and children on their college campuses. Find inspiration in these stories– and then get back to work!


Stories about Adoption

Successful Pregnancy Resource Students Groups