Building a Better Future

Please note: This program will officially launch in January 2017. Contact your Regional Coordinator for information.How can we better support students - PonC

The Building a Better Future program exists to inform and direct high school students in the best ways to support local pregnancy support organizations and to compassionately encourage pregnant and parenting teens in their communities. It is a crucial step in the Pregnant on Campus Initiative in that it provides earlier education on pregnancy support and directs high school pregnant and parenting students towards post-secondary educational achievements (i.e. college degrees).

High school student leaders (involved in the Building a Better Future program) are invested in building a better future for themselves, their school communities, and especially their pregnant and parenting peers.

We believe that there is a better response to unplanned teen pregnancy and that together we can build a future for pregnant and parenting teens by establishing a community of support. We believe that these teens should be encouraged in their personal, educational, and career goals, and we will support them.

Program Goals

Building a Better Future is designed to:

  • Train and equip high school student leaders in how to inform their community about unplanned teen pregnancy and how to compassionately serve their peers
  • Increase advertisement and support of pregnancy resource centers on the high school level
  • Provide encouragement and support in parenting teens’ educational advancement and success (i.e. to provide the resources and support that will keep parenting students in school)

Group Involvement

With the consent of their faculty advisor, high school groups are invited to:

  • Participate in Pregnant on Campus trainings
  • Advertise pregnancy resources
  • Support and volunteer with local pregnancy support organizations
  • Direct pregnant and parenting peers towards resources at their schools and in their communities

Expectations: Building a Better Future (BBF) groups are encouraged to participate in 1 Pregnant on Campus training each semester. These groups will pick a community partner to support and complete 5 hours of service that benefits their community partner (e.g. advertising, fundraising, volunteering).

Benefits of Participation

Our SFLA Regional Coordinators will provide BBF groups with free resources and trainings to support these groups efforts. Regional Coordinators can teach groups more effective ways to market resources, support their local pregnancy resource centers, support students on campus, and more! Groups are provided with a list of activity guidelines and welcome to explore the wide variety of resources available through the Pregnant on Campus Initiative.

Next Steps