Students for Life of America wants to help grow your group and achieve your potential. You can significantly transform your campus and community for pregnant and parenting students for years to come! We welcome affiliated high school, college, and young adult groups to join this program. SFLA has designed step-by-step guides to help you bring significant projects to your campus. Choose from a wide variety of ideas that will enable your group to further expand the pro-life message on  your campus as well as establish help for pregnant and parenting students. You may choose a less ambitious project, such as regularly handing out free pregnancy tests or flyering. Or you may choose to do a more ambitious project, like installing diaper decks on your campus!

Why you should commit to the Pregnant on Campus Initiative?

  1. Transform your pro-life, pro-woman values into action. Commit to projects and activities that will actively support and aid women in your community and that will increase educational accessibility and attainability for pregnant and parenting students.
  2. Your peers need you. All too often, students are unaware of the resources available to them, and they make decisions based upon this lack of information. You can be the voice that provides hope and help to your peers so that they make well-informed decisions.
  3. You will change and save lives. The projects and activities that your group sponsors will be the tools that will help your peers make informed decisions about parenting and adoption opportunities and resources. Your support can dramatically change your classmates’ lives.

How can SFLA help you improve your outreach?

By joining the Pregnant on Campus Initiative, your campus group will receive the following benefits:

Questions? Contact your Regional Coordinator today.

Please note: This page is intended for student groups and student leaders. If you are a pregnant or parenting student seeking help, go to: “Resources for Pregnant and Parenting Students.”

Are you ready to get involved?