Pregnant on Campus

How can we better support students - PonCThe Pregnant on Campus college program is the core of our Pregnant on Campus Initiative. This program exists to train and equip college student leaders in the best ways to support pregnant and parenting students and to advocate for better campus resources for these students. Pregnant on Campus groups play an essential role in encouraging life-affirming pregnancy decisions on campus and in expanding educational accessibility and attainability for pregnant and parenting students.

We believe in a “pro-woman” approach that supports women before, during, and after pregnancy. We believe that parenthood doesn’t have to change your goals, and we are calling upon college communities to provide better policies, procedures, and resources that will create family friendly campuses. With the encouragement and helpful support, pregnant and parenting students can embrace parenthood and continue to pursue their educational and career goals.

Program Goals

The Pregnant on Campus program is designed to:

  • Train and equip college student leaders in compassionate peer support for their pregnant peers
  • Actively meet the needs of individual pregnant and parenting students
  • Increase advertisement and support of pregnancy and parenting resources on college campuses
  • Advocate for improved and expanded resources and support for pregnant and parenting students on campus

Group Involvement

SFLA affiliated college student groups are invited to:

  • Participate in Pregnant on Campus trainings
  • Directly assist pregnant and parenting students on campus
  • Identify and advertise pregnancy, parenting, and student resources
  • Support and volunteer with local pregnancy support organizations
  • Advance campus projects and proposals that will transform their campus to be more “family friendly”

Expectations: Pregnant on Campus groups are encouraged to participate in 1 Pregnant on Campus training each semester. They complete at least 5 hours of campus outreach each year (e.g. 1-2 campus projects). These groups will pick a community partner to support and complete 2 hours of service that benefits their community partner (e.g. advertising, fundraising, volunteering).

Benefits of Participation

Our SFLA Regional Coordinators will provide Pregnant on Campus groups with free resources and trainings to support these groups efforts. Regional Coordinators can teach groups more effective ways to market resources, support their local pregnancy resource centers, support students on campus, and more! Groups are provided with a list of activity guidelines and welcome to explore the wide variety of resources available through the Pregnant on Campus Initiative.