Getting pregnant while in college was not part of my plan, and it certainly wasn’t in the plan at that point in our marriage either. Like many young adults, I hoped to finish my undergraduate education and start a family after working for a couple of years and traveling… Read more here 


As a new member of her college’s pro-life club, Jessica had come to terms with her past abortion and began outreaching to other students. When she found herself pregnant again, she felt lost and confused. Her friend, Meghan, was there all along… (Watch below)

Shurnita, Jalissa, Amber, & Aysia

These 4 Mississippi parenting students explain why they believe being a parenting student is purposeful, empowering, and something to be proud of…  Read more here


In her junior year of college, Ashlee Bush found out that she was pregnant with Anna Mae.  At 21-years-old, Ashlee was already making plans for her future, and being pregnant was the last thing that she expected… Read more here


At age twenty-one, two tiny blue lines changed Chaunie’s life. While fear of failure initially challenged this young mom, learn how she came to peace with her pregnancy and embraced the selfless love of her baby girl… Read more here


Being a student at a small Catholic college is a lot like high school in some ways. You see the same people day after day, and if you are different, you better believe that it is noticed. I got pregnant the summer before my senior year, and my slowly growing baby bump was definitely different and definitely noticed… Read more here


When I found out that I was pregnant during my first year as an undergraduate, I had thought that my glimmering door had just closed. I remember the many tears that followed the discovery. I felt like I had just lost a part of myself—who I was and who I was meant to be was now fading beyond my grasp…. Read more here


24-year-old North Texas shortstop Brooke Foster isn’t just an athlete. She’s a competitor. She has worked hard to claim her prowess on the field. North Texas coach Tracey Kee said, “It’s not until you get out here on a daily basis and see what the kid does. She just plays the game flat out… Read more here


Amberosity is a 22-year-old parenting student now attending Oregon State University. As the mom of 3 young children and expecting her fourth child this Fall, Amberosity generously offered her advice to other pregnant and parenting students… Read more here


I came from a great family. My parents have made mistakes, just like they all do, but they have always provided me with everything I’ve ever needed. My dad even set up a college fund for me when I was a baby. I’ve always lived in good neighborhoods. I drove a nice car and went to a good school. With that being said, when I got pregnant, I had nobody… Read more here


I was already in my Sophomore year of college when I found out that I was pregnant. To me, it felt like one of those times where I could either quit college and maybe decide to go back years later, or I could just try my best to finish as soon as possible… Read more here


I was in a dead end relationship, not going anywhere in life, with a two year old I was basically raising alone. When his father and I split, I had two options: I either continue being stagnant and have no way to take care of my child, or I can pick myself up and do something with my life… Read more here

Sierra & William Wu

Sierra and William talk about how they balance their educational goals and parenthood. They explain the challenges of parenting in college and how they work as a team to succeed as both students and parents.




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