As a new (or veteran!) parent, it is helpful to review child safety procedures to ensure that you are creating a safe environment for your child and prepared for emergency situations. Here are some child safety resources for you.


Infant and Child CPR

CPR instructions and videos are not a replacement for classes. We encourage you to find child safety classes in your community. Classes may be provided through such locations as the American Red Cross, your OBGYN, your local hospital, or your local pregnancy resource center.

Fevers, Seizures, and More

Talk to your baby’s pediatrician about your concerns. Ask about your pediatrician about their office procedures: What signs should I look for? What temperature is “too high”? When should I call? Who should I call? When should we go to the emergency room?

Make sure that you add your pediatrician’s office and emergency phone numbers into your cell phone.

Child Car Seat Safety

The following are recommendations for safely securing and traveling with your child in the car.

If you need further support and assurance, many fire departments, hospitals, parenting classes, and other organizations will provide car seat safety checks and support.

Child Proofing

Before your baby starts crawling, use these tips and checklists to child proof your home.