If your group is interested in doing the “Building a Better Future” (BBF) program, you will want to get all your members on the same page. With some preparation and a good agenda, you can introduce this initiative to your group, prepare your members in basic statistics, discuss helpful ways to engage in this initiative, and plan activities for the semester.

Remember to ASK YOUR ADVISOR before hosting an official BBF planning meeting. You can always have a vote to see how many members are interested in doing this before presenting the idea to your advisor.

Here’s a guideline for how to organize your first BBF planning meeting.

Meeting Agenda

    1. Pass out the Building a Better Future handout. (See below.) Explain to your group that you are interested in incorporating the Building a Better Future campaign as a part of your group’s messaging and activities. Read the handout out loud.
    2. Share some statistics from the Teen Research page
      1. You can also hand out this fact sheet: BBF- Did You Know- Fact Sheet- 2017
    3. Lead a discussion using questions like:
      • What stereotypes do teen parents face?
      • What would your reaction be if you saw or met a teen mom in our school?
      • Do you think that teen parents need support?
      • Why is it important for our group to talk about this issue?
    4. Inform your group about local organizations that you could potentially partner with:
      • Your local pregnancy resource center
      • An adoption agency
      • A maternity home
      • Pregnant and parenting teen support program
    5. Address your members concerns with engaging in this type of outreach.
      • Is anyone nervous about talking about teen pregnancy?
      • Does anyone object to volunteering or support our community partner?
    6. Review some of the recommended activities: BBF Activities Checklist
      • Ask members what activity ideas they like.
      • Talk about what themes or subjects you may want to address:
      • Consider how you may want to advertise resources (e.g. via social media, flyering, or tabling).
      • Brainstorm ideas for how to actively support your community partner (e.g. fundraising, collecting donations, volunteering).
    7. Have your members work on the BBF To Do List.

Add a Quick Movie

A great, short movie that you can use to introduce this topic is “Trapped.” It’s only 20 minutes! Plus, we have an activity guide ready so that you know what questions to talk about:

Promote Your Message Online

Use our Building a Better Future themed graphics to promote support on your group’s social media platforms. More images can be found here: Social Media Images.

Advertise Your Meeting

Tell your friends about this meeting! You can handout the blue Building a Better Future handout, or post this “How can we better” flyer: