Great Pregnancy Outreach Resources (FREE!)

Effective activism and outreach require the right tools! Our materials need to reach a vulnerable audience with a message of hope, and they have to have good information to guide a peer to resources and support. Check out these great outreach tools that you can use on campus or in your local community. Contact Beth to find out what other free resources are available to assist your pro-life student group.

Please note: SFLA distributes free resources to active pro-life students or student groups only. Pro-life organizations, community groups, and adult activists may order these resources using the provided links.


This is not your only choiceThis is Not Your Only Choice

This street mag, published by Human Life Alliance, is a handy size with awesome content. The magazine includes information on fetal development, abortion, adoption, and a woman’s legal rights. It also details the stories of women who have been through these experiences. Last but not least, this magazine includes resources for pregnant, parenting, and post-abortive women.

How this tool can be used: Tabling, abortion clinic outreach, distribution at events, peer-to-peer support.

  •  Click here to order Human Life Alliance “This is Not Your Only Choice” street mags.
  • If you are a student, email Beth to receive FREE copies!



Car Window Sign

Candle in the Window- Car signThis pink car sign was created by Candle in the Window. It reads, “Ask me for help. I CARE!” On the back, there is a listing of resources to readily provide information and support for someone who sees your sign. This is a great outreach tool to add to your car window. You never know who may see it!

How this tool can be used: Place in your vehicle, in the window of Campus Ministry, on your dorm room door or window.

  • Click here to order Candle in the Window car signs.
  • If you are a student, email Beth to receive FREE signs.


Adoption vs. Abortion

Bethany Christian- Card- PromoWhat are the similarities and differences between adoption and abortion? Thanks to Bethany Christian services, we have a great card to explain these answers. Use this awesome outreach card to explain the wonderful choice of adoption and to show how adoption is a “quality-of-life decision” for parents facing unplanned pregnancies.

How this tool can be used: Tabling, abortion clinic outreach, distribution at events, peer-to-peer support.

  • Click here to order these Bethany Christian cards online
  • If you are a student, email Beth to receive FREE cards.


Adoption vs. ParentingBethany Christian- Card 2- Promo

We know that there are 2 positive life-affirming options for women in unplanned pregnancy situations. How are they similar? How are they different? Share Bethany Christian Services’ “Adoption vs. Parenting” card to explain to outreach to women on your campus and in your community.

How this tool can be used: Tabling, abortion clinic outreach, distribution at events, peer-to-peer support.

  • Click here to order these Bethany Christian cards online
  • If you are a student, email Beth to receive FREE cards.


Raising Kids on a ShoestringRaising Kids- FFL- Promo

Raising Kids on a Shoestring is a great publication to share with your health center, campus ministry, or residence life. This guide presents resources, solutions, and support for expecting and parenting peers. “We’ve never said that being pregnant, placing a child for adoption, or parenting is easy, but we are going to do our best to make it easier,” said Serrin M. Foster, President of Feminists for Life. 

How this tool can be used: Distribution to departments on campus, tabling, distribution at events, peer-to-peer support.

  • Click here to order these guides through Feminists for Life.
  • If you are a student, email Beth to receive FREE guides.



Do you need more outreach resources? Check out our Social Media and Flyers pages for downloadable images for cyberspace and campus outreach.

This post was contributed by Beth O’Malley, Pregnant on Campus Coordinator. If you would like to access or recommend a resource, please contact Beth at

Dear Jon

By: Kristan Hawkins, President

It’s been almost 3 years since Students for Life of America team members Kortney Blythe Gordon, her pre-born daughter Sophie, and Jon Scharfenberger were killed by a drunk driver. Today on what would have been Jon’s 25th birthday, our team at Students for Life has written a letter to Jon on the progress students across the United States are making with his Pregnant on Campus Initiative.

Dear Jon,

When you died, we were devastated. We had lost our teammate and friend, and we considered letting your Pregnant on Campus Initiative go. We no longer had a leader nor the time to fundraise the money we needed. And I had to deal with the painful fact that I asked you to join our team and take this leadership position. That I had recruited you to a position that placed you on that road to be hit by that drunk driver.

But I decided I couldn’t do that to your legacy, that your work was much too important. That you were too important to us.

And today, almost 3 years later, I want you to know that your legacy carries on, that your work to transform college campuses and support pregnant and parenting students has continued and is thriving.

Over the past 3 years, the Pregnant on Campus Initiative has grown from 46 to over 100 participating groups. Your program is now impacting students in 35 states and the District of Columbia. Participating student groups have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for scholarships for their peers and for local pregnancy resource centers. They have offered pregnancy tests and babysitting services. They have challenged their administrations to offer more pregnancy resources, to remove discriminatory pregnancy policies, and to consider new family-friendly housing plans. They have collected tens of thousands of diapers, hundreds of baby clothes, and many other essential items to aid families in need.

Jon, these students are changing this nation. Let me tell you about some of the great projects that groups have accomplished because of you:

  •  Bama Students for Life raised the bar for your initiative. The students table regularly with resources and pregnancy tests. They created a unique Pregnant on Campus website for their school complete with two videos and a Pregnant and Parenting Resource Guide. They transformed their campus and the Tuscaloosa community with their efforts to increase resources and to improve abortion clinic outreach. They even challenged a fellow student group, Auburn Students for Life, in a competitive diaper drive which resulted in nearly 4,000 supplies for their local pregnancy resource centers.
  • University of New Mexico Students for Life tables every week with resources, and they are active outreach at the late-term abortion facility their university supports. In addition to regular campus educational outreach events, this group confidently speaks out against their university’s ties to the abortion industry and the health center’s avid support of abortion. Moreover, they are actively involved in their local pregnancy resource center.
  • In the last year, Mississippi State Students for Life raised thousands of dollars to support the new pregnancy resource center in Starkville. These students are largely responsible for its opening, and they have been instrumental in its operation with their continued financial support.
  • Boston University Students for Life successfully lobbied to get their completed Pregnant and Parenting Resource Guide on the school website. They also created a new group website which features this guide as well as other helpful resources for their peers.
  • Notre Dame Right to Life, Ball State Students for Life, Xavier Students for Life, and SCSU for Life offered free babysitting services for their peers.
  • William and Mary Students for Life and Students for Life at Virginia Tech have both started student-run pregnancy helplines to offer 24/7 peer-to-peer support.
  • UMiami Respect Life has expanded their outreach to include a Maternal Aid Committee. In the past year, they created a Facebook page and a website for UMiami Pregnancy which features resources and information for peers facing an unplanned pregnancy.
  • St. Louis University Students for Life continue to fundraise for the Virginia D. Murphy Endowment, which offers over $10,000 in scholarships to pregnant and parenting students each year.

And in the past year, these groups have saved over 38 lives that they know about.

Jon, these courageous student groups are changing our nation because you established a program that inspired them to do so.  Because of the transformational role you played on our team and in the student, pro-life movement.

You accomplished something in your short life that most will never be able to compare. And the candles of truth and hope that you lit, continue to burn, now even brighter.

We love and miss you,

Kristan, Tina, and the SFLA team

Brooke Foster: Athlete, Student, Mom

Photo Credit: Graham Hayes, ESPN

Photo Credit: Graham Hayes, ESPN

24-year-old North Texas shortstop Brooke Foster isn’t just an athlete. She’s a competitor. She has worked hard to claim her prowess on the field. North Texas coach Tracey Kee said, “It’s not until you get out here on a daily basis and see what the kid does. She just plays the game flat out… she’s just constantly a true competitor. She doesn’t take a day for granted. … She is our little engine at the front of the lineup that can drop a bunt or drive it out of the ballpark.” In a recent game at Oklahoma State, Brooke hit .354 with a .677 slugging percentage. Not too shabby for an athlete who took 2 years off from the game.

On the surface, Brooke Foster appears to be just another great player on the field. However, Brooke’s story is different from many athletes. Unlike other athletes, those 2 years were not spent redshirted recovering from a persistent injury or surgery.

Brooke Foster is a mom.

A high school standout, Brooke earned a softball scholarship to Houston Baptist University. In her freshman year, she discovered that she was pregnant. She dropped out of college, moved back to Wylie. Brooke assumed a full-time positioned at a local pharmacy in order to pay for her medical expenses. Through those months of pregnancy, Brooke and her family struggled to accept the challenges to their expectations and the stigma of unplanned pregnancy. She admits to feeling embarrassed and even ashamed at her situation.

On Aug. 21, 2009, baby Layton entered the world. While there remained challenges to embrace her new life, Brooke was fiercely determined to be a good mom. Looking back on that time, Brooke stated, “I was determined that [Layton] was going to be mine, and I was going to be able to raise him and I was going to be so happy. I was just so defensive over him. And I still am. Any time anyone tries to say anything, I’m like, ‘You know what, I have been to hell and back so many times for this little boy to be here.”

After watching the Women’s College World Series on television, Brook was inspired to continue her pursuit of a college education. She joined the North Texas softball team as a walk-on and continued her education. Since joining the team, the 24-year-old senior has stood out for her talent on the softball field and her commitment to motherhood. Currently, Brook is the record holder for career stolen bases, and she is closing in on hitting records as well.

This year, Brook will also be the first of her family to graduate from college. Pursuing her college education and reclaiming her athleticism had trials. However, Brook has overcome the fears of the past and regained her confidence.

“I will never let anybody tell me that I can’t do anything because not one person told me I could do this, and I’m doing it. I think [Layton] is going to be proud of me.”

Reporter Graham Hays sums up Brooke’s story beautifully. “Brooke could easily have become a cautionary tale, the uber-talented athlete whose unplanned pregnancy led her to drop out of school and drift away from a future once seemingly in focus. All of that happened, and left her on a precipice. Hers isn’t a path even she would wish to tread again, not through times both dark and lonely. But Brooke came all the way back. Not to reclaim that which she lost, but to protect what she gained the best way she knew how. Really, the only way she knew how: with a bat and a glove.”


Brooke Foster- ESPN

Photo Credit: Graham Hayes, ESPN


This post was contributed by Beth O’Malley, Pregnant on Campus Coordinator. All images are credited to Graham Hayes, ESPN. If you would like to submit your story, please email Beth at

The cost of being a teen mom

2013 Graduates of the Teen Parent School Program. Photo credit: The Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers

Each year, over 700,000 American teens, ages 15 to 19, become pregnant. According to the Guttmacher Institute (2008), over 425,000 teen pregnancies result in births. Unfortunately, about 180,000 of these teen pregnancies end in abortion, and about 100,000 end in miscarriage. While shows like 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom sometimes glamorize the struggles of these young girls, being a teen mom is a costly and demanding sacrifice. It is a sacrifice that takes a great deal of courage and support.

These days, the costs of prenatal care and delivery can be quite steep. In a January 2013 study, data showed that women with insurance (commercial or Medicaid) paid an average of $3,400 out-of-pocket. A teenage girl may not have these finances. So how is a teen mom supposed to finish school and be a parent?

Meet Leah Broulliet. At 16-years-old, Leah became pregnant. After months of trying to deny the truth, she finally revealed her pregnancy to her family. While Gabby’s father was not in the picture, Leah had the support of her family and the Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanders. The Maine Children’s Home was instrumental in helping Leah complete her high school education and raise her young child. With this support, Leah and her daughter are looking forward to life beyond the Children’s Home.

Finding support is critical for women facing unplanned pregnancies. Leah was able to overcome the challenges of teen pregnancy because she had the help of her family and the Children’s Home. However, others may still be searching for resources to assist them.  There are hundreds of maternity homes and pregnancy resource centers across the United States. To find the support that you or your friend may need, please check out:


This post was contributed by Beth O’Malley, Pregnant on Campus Coordinator. The original article and video featuring Leah Broulliet can be found here: The cost of being a pregnant teen (Kaitlyn Chana, WLBZ).

Tulane Students for Life: Rising to the Challenge

Opposition on campus is tough to overcome. However, pro-life students are confident in the great impact of their education and resources. They rise above the challenges of their campus to meet the needs of women and families in their community.

Meet Tulane Students for Life.

Tulane SFLDefending life-affirming options for women is no easy task on the Tulane campus. Time and time again, Tulane has proven to be a hostile campus concerning pro-life matters. After chalking the campus with pro-life messages, the group returned to find pro-choice messages surrounding their chalk display. Twice, others have attempted to stop the group from chalking. Complaints stemming from a school newspaper article even went so far as the Huffington Post and local news. A conference entitled “Don’t Chalk About It, Talk About It” was organized to discourage the group’s chalking.

Rising above their critics

Despite the opposition, many students are willing to dialogue with Tulane Students for Life. Megan Alfonso, Tulane SFL President, says, “Those who are also pro-life on campus seem to have a sense of relief and encouragement when they see us, knowing that there are others who share their view on campus.” When I asked Megan what was the most fulfilling project this year, she confidently affirmed that tabling. “Tabling on campus has been the most fulfilling project this past year. We set up a table and a sign saying “Should abortion remain legal” with yes and no sides. The dialogue that we engage in with these students is so fulfilling because we are able to share truth about life and the dignity of the unborn as well as get to know and understand people who have differing views.”

Education AND resources

Moreover, these students know that being pro-life expands beyond education. You need to provide real solutions for women in unplanned pregnancies. For this reason, Tulane Students for Life offers information about pregnancy resources whenever they table. “Pregnancy resources are so important on a college campus because they spread awareness to women that there are people who will support them and their decision to choose life. They allow women to make an informed choice and not feel like they have to choose abortion due to a lack of resources.”

Tulane Students for Life does more than tabling! The group had a team in the Born to Run 5K Run/Walk, an event held by the Women’s New Life Center to raise funds for their efforts to assist women in unplanned pregnancies. The group also hosted Feminists for Life President, Serrin Foster. After Serrin’s talk, the students began discussions with her about hosting a pregnancy resource forum in the future.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

Tulane Students for Life are hosting a baby shower for women in crisis pregnancy situations throughout New Orleans– and they need your help! The students will be supporting 6 mothers (and possibly more). Currently, they are fundraising to buy items for these women. Much needed items include clothing, diapers, strollers, formula, and toys. Many of these women are living in local maternity homes, and they will most likely not have a baby shower of their own. Will you help Tulane Students for Life create a special event for these women?

The group needs $600 to meet their goal. Will you join this effort? 

Click here to offer your support. Thank you in advance for your support!


This post was contributed by Beth O’Malley, Pregnant on Campus Coordinator. To learn about Pregnant on Campus and to join the Initiative, email Beth at With Beth’s help, your group can help women in your community!

The Doctor Will Web Chat With You Now: How Technology Helps Breastfeeding Moms

Mom baby computerYou’re on vacation away from the comforts of home and your 6-month-old is clearly sick, crying and can’t be consoled. Should you race to the local urgent care with an irritable baby only to sit and wait? Is there a better alternative? New communication innovations that bring medical advice to you at a moment’s notice help when you need it most. Whether it’s an emergency situation or simply arranging a regular check-up with a lactation consultant from the privacy of home, online access to doctors and mobile apps make life easier for breastfeeding moms.

1. Get on-demand advice about potentially emergent pediatric health concerns.

Every parent’s heart skips a beat when awoken by a baby with a fever, inconsolable crying or obvious ear pain. Naturally, wanting to ease their baby’s discomfort, parents often pick up the phone to consult a pediatric professional only to be told to schedule an office evaluation. What if your pediatrician or emergency care provider could see your child to rule out the need for an unnecessary drive to the office? Health concerns such as ear infections are known for their telltale pattern of ear pulling and irritability. With a few questions and an opportunity to actually see your child over a Web interface, your doctor could save you a trip to the ER and handle the matter in no time at all, spelling relief for your baby. As an example, MeMD offers online medical consultations on ear infections as well as other health conditions.

2. Consult a lactation specialist online from the comfort of your home.

While some breastfeeding moms are more willing than others to breastfeed in public spaces, some women find it challenging or embarrassing. Sometimes the difficulty arises because the baby is experiencing latching issues. Rather than bundling baby up to go learn a personal activity, you can bring a lactation consultant to your home with webcam technology. Baby and mom can learn the technique from trained lactation specialists in their own natural setting, setting themselves up for success. Popular services such as The New Born Baby and Best Fed Babies specialize in bringing breastfeeding advice directly into your home to offer fast relief and solutions to keep you comfortable.

3. Innovative apps that make life easier for breastfeeding mothers.

Feeling groggy or experiencing vanishing short term memory after too many sleepless nights with the new baby? Mobile apps designed by healthcare providers who understand what breastfeeding mothers go through can help keep you on track for feedings, diapering and more. Try these cool (and free!) mom-centered apps:

  • Breast Feeding Tabulator. Skip the pen and paper by letting your smart device log your breastfeeding activity. This app also allows you to record when you last pumped to coordinate baby feeding scheduling times.
  • Eat Sleep App. “Did I change the baby’s diaper at 9 a.m.? No wait, they were sleeping, right?” This handy app lets you track and coordinate the essentials, eating, sleeping and diapering. Now sleep deprived moms can “book” their own time to eat and possibly get a little down time.


This post was contributed by Nancy Stewart. Nancy is a stay-at-home mom, baker and Instagram whiz. For more information about the Pregnant on Campus Initiative, please email Beth at

How YOU Can Host a Community Baby Shower

Baby ShowerThe Community Baby Shower event was inspired by the Pro-Life Aggies group at Texas A&M University. The group hosted a “shower” asking shoppers of a local store to purchase diapers, wipes, formula, and baby items to give to the group so they could, in turn, donate these items to a local pregnancy resource center. After their Community Baby Shower, the Pro-Life Aggies donated over $700 in cash and truckloads of baby items!

The popularity and success of the Community Baby Shower has made it a favorite event among pro-life student groups. Students for Life of America has seen thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of needed materials donated to pregnancy centers all over the nation, thanks to our courageous and faithful students. Last year, Students for Life of Ozaukee County, WI (pictured above), gathered $3,000 worth of baby items in one day!

host your own Community Baby Shower!

1) Contact the local pregnancy resource center in your area. Tell them your group wants to collect donations for them from a local store. Be sure to ask them what items they are generally most in need of. Visit to find a nearby Pregnancy Resource Center that you can help!

2) Contact (by phone or in person) a local grocery store (e.g. Target or Walmart) several weeks or months ahead of time to get permission to host a donation drive outside of their store. Have as much information about the local pregnancy center you’re helping as possible (such as flyers or posters you wish to hang up or hand out), as well as your contact information, in case the manager requests. While not all stores require a letter of recommendation, you may contact Students for Life for a letter, if needed: Sample SFLA Letter of Recommendation.

Community Baby Shower- Promo- Flyer Image3) Once permission is obtained, make signs asking specifically for baby items. For example: “Will you help mothers in need at (name of PRC) by donating diapers, formula, wipes, and other baby items? Thank you for your support.” Also, decorate a jar to have available in case people want to make cash donations or give gift cards to the pregnancy center instead. Make small fliers with contact information for the pregnancy center and their website and address, too. Below is an example flyer you can download and fill in for your group!

**Click here to download flyer**

4) Call to confirm the date of the Community Baby Shower with the store the week beforehand.

5) On the day of the Community Baby Shower, dress comfortably and bring supplies needed. You will need a table or pack and play to place donations and to tape the signs. Place your decorated jar on the table or in a safe but accessible area so that people can easily put donations in it. Also, have someone physically hold the sign with the list of needed items. (People are more likely to read it if is held.) Always listen to store employees if they request that you place the table in a specific location in front of the store.

6) About an hour before you pack up your donations to leave, take down the signs and stop requesting items. That way, people still shopping who intend to donate will not be stuck with baby items that they have no use for because you left!

7) Share your story! Contact Students for Life, and tell us about your Community Baby Shower and how you helped your local pregnancy resource center! By sharing your success, you can become an inspiration to students nationwide!

Other Helpful tips

Whether you are a veteran or just starting out, these tips are helpful to remember for making your community baby shower as successful as possible. Contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator for further assistance to make this a successful event!

Register your group

The next National Community Baby Shower weekend is April 26-27. To ensure groups are not planning events at the same times and locations, please register your group events with Students for Life using the following form: