SFLA Study Reveals Planned Parenthood Targets College Students

Planned Parenthood is the undisputed leading abortion provider in the United States, performing over one-third of all the abortions done in the country last year. Various studies, including a 2011 Life Dynamics survey called, “Racial Targeting and Population Control,” have showed that Planned Parenthood, as well other independent abortion facilities in America, target both African American and Hispanic communities by making sure their clinics are located in minority-dominated neighborhoods.

Last year, a Life Dynamics survey, which cross examined zip codes of minority neighborhoods and abortion facilities, found that 83% of abortion or abortion-referring clinics are located in minority neighborhoods.

However, the Guttmacher Institute, an affiliate research arm of Planned Parenthood, reports that 43% of abortions are performed on women 18-24 years old. So are college students also prime targets for abortion clinics? Students for Life suspected a high number of abortion clinics may also be located in areas that have a high population of college students and after building on the Life Dynamics study, we encountered unmistakable evidence that helps prove Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry targets this demographic as well.
Out of the estimated 780 Planned Parenthood affiliates across America, we found that 78.8% (615) are located within 5 miles of a college or university.

Earlier this year, Planned Parenthood heavily targeted colleges with their Where Did You Wear It? campaign to promote the “normalization” of condom use, which, by the way, have a failure rate as high as 15%. That means that not only will college kids rely on Planned Parenthood for free condoms but once 15 out of every 100 of those girls gets pregnant, Planned Parenthood gets new business by performing abortions on those same college co-eds.

This is tragic. After hearing the regrets of women who have obtained abortions, we know that young women choose abortion because they do not believe they have the support they need to continue their pregnancy, and Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities are right there to back up this belief and financially benefit from what they promote as the easy way out – abortion.

Look around a college campus – how many pregnant women do you see? Pregnant college women need signs of hope and somewhere to turn to on campus when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Students for Life has created a program called Pregnant on Campus, an initiative that seeks to aid pregnant and parenting college students by provide tangible support these women need like installing diaper changing decks around campus, raising money to subsidize daycare, or providing much needed baby supplies. (Go here to learn more of what you can do on your campus to provide support for women and men in need.)

While not intended to encourage pregnancy at the college level, the program is a means to help these women choose life for both themselves and their baby and not call Planned Parenthood as soon as they get a positive pregnancy test. Currently, SFLA works with over 700 active student pro-life groups across the country and this school year over 35 of those groups have joined the Pregnant on Campus groups initiative.

There are other options than turning to Planned Parenthood on college campuses. Hopefully college women will not be lured by the slick marketing of the nation’s largest abortion giant.
To see the entire study, please visit http://studentsforlife.org/files/2012/05/Abortion-Facilities-Target-College-Students.pdf.

Pregnant on Campus on EWTN’s Life on the Rock

Kristan Hawkins and Meghan Redmond were featured on last week’s Life on the Rock.  Meghan is the Founder and President of California State University at Sacramento Students for Life club and the inspiration behind the Pregnant on Campus Initiative.

After working with Students for Life of America to start her new group in 2009, Meghan hit the ground running building her group membership, forming relationships in the Sacramento community, and, for the first time, providing a face of pro-life activism on campus.

Through her loving approach, Meghan has striven to provide a resource on her campus for pregnant, parenting, and post-abortive women – providing emotional and material support as needed.  Megan started a pregnant and parenting moms support group on campus that now has over 12 members.  She has also begun the process to start a scholarship program for pregnant or parenting students on campus.

Meghan also regularly sidewalk counsels outside a Sacramento abortion facility that performs abortions up to the end of the second trimester. This fall Meghan and her group members were able to help and counsel many women contemplating abortion to help them her choose life for their child.

A few months ago, when one of her own group members found herself pregnant and considering having her third abortion.  After friends and family deserted her, Meghan came immediately to her aid, promising to do everything she could to provide tangible help to this mother. Today, Meghan is the god-mother of this child.

“Like Hans and Sophie Scholl, Meghan has shown courage and resolve that many students in the pro-life movement aspire to have. Her passion and love for both mother and child is truly inspiring for all,” said Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director of Students for Life of America, “Meghan lives out what she preaches every day. She is an example for all of us, and I couldn’t be more proud to give her this award.”

WATCH Kristan and Meghan on “Life on the Rock“!


2 More Babies Saved Through Campus Outreach!

Happy Baby- Smiling12 weeks ago, Maria found herself pregnant at 19 years old, in her junior year in college, and very far away from any relatives or family. When Maria found the courage to tell her parents, who live in Peru, she found herself being pressured to have an abortion or be disowned from the family. Scared, confused and alone, Maria was starting to feel like abortion was going to be the answer to her troubles.

That is where the University of Washington Respect Life group came in. While they were busy organizing their Respect for Life Spring Social, Maria was contemplating an abortion. Seeing a poster for the social and then getting an invitation from a friend who did not know she was pregnant; Maria decided that this would be the place to go for answers about abortion.

Here is what the University of Washington Respect Life group member Helen Nguyen shared with Students for Life:

It was amazing how brave she was – she came right up to me and told me she was pregnant and was contemplating having an abortion. I took her aside and gave her a big hug. Got her some food and asked why she was thinking of doing this? She told me her boyfriend is African American and that her parents don’t want a black grandchild. Her parents were also afraid that she wouldn’t finish school, and that this baby would ruin her life. She was afraid that if she kept the baby she would be cut off from her family, the financial support they were providing her during school, and that she would not be able to care for herself and a baby. At the end of the event, I reassured her that she needed to listen to her gut and pray a lot about it. That if she decided to keep the baby, there would be a family of people ready to help her in any way. I gave her my number and e-mail and told her to contact me anytime.

A week later, Maria messaged me on FB. I asked to meet up with her for coffee and she agreed. Little did I know, Maria wanted to tell me in person that she had decided to keep her baby. That regardless of what her parents wanted her to do, she was going ahead with the pregnancy. I couldn’t hide my relief and utter excitment from her. For the rest of the meet up, we talked about all the resources we’ll be able to connect her with. How she was not alone and that if she needed anything we were there for her.

During this same week, Jags for Life at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis reported a baby saved through their efforts praying at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic near the university. Gaby, the group president, reported that during the group’s weekly sidewalk counseling a young woman went into the Planned Parenthood and then came back out. She told Gaby that she was 14 weeks pregnant and couldn’t go through with the abortion because, through the group’s witness in front of the Planned Parenthood, she knew that her baby had a heartbeat.

This is two babies whose lives were spared and two young women who have been saved from the guilt, shame, and loss of abortion because of the faithful witness of UW Respect Life and Jags for Life! Congratulations!

Note: This blog was originally posted on StudentsForLife.org on May 2, 2012. See original post here.